Sebastien Avila is an engineer and a PhD, graduate of the Paris Ecole Centrale engineering school.  He rapidly moved into isotope production at the company Advanced Accelerator Applications. Thus he acquired a solid expertise in R&D activity for the development of radiopharmaceutical agents.

He took part as a research engineer in the production of a neutron activator for the production of holmium-166, to be used in brachytherapy of brain tumors.

Then he joined Lemer Pax as a project manager and became leader of the QuantiCardi project dedicated to preindustrial development of products later developed by Naogen Pharma company.

In addition to the global management of the project, involving 2 industrials and 4 academics, he developed the rubidium-82 infuser, an essential component of the rubidium-82 generator which will be sold by Naogen Pharma. He joined Naogen Pharma as Technical Director to bring his expertise in the technologies used by the company.