Boris Zhuikov, 65 years old, is a Russian radiochemist heading the Laboratory of Radioisotope at the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INR RAS) located in Troisk, in the suburb of Moscow. INR RAS has a large linear accelerator for nuclear physics research and isotope production. For several years, this middle energy proton accelerator has been producing strontium-82 for a few weeks per year and sold to the US Department of Energy.

Boris Zhuikov has a broad experience and a number of scientific publications in various fields of nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry.

In particular, he initiated the production of strontium-82 by bombarding metallic rubidium targets. This technology is now widely used throughout the world. He transferred his experience to many isotope producers in the world.

He is also at the origin of the development of an innovative rubidium-82 generator for which he transferred his exclusive expertise to Naogen Pharma worldwide.